Interested in improving your client-facing materials but don’t have time to attend one of our training courses? PENSA works with a team of freelance editors, writers, and designers who can correct or create your corporate documents.

Whatever the copy project – corporate profile, company brochure, website or Facebook copy, newsletter article, press release, or presentation – our services will ensure your message is clear, concise, and effective. We believe in excellent service, elegant language, and value for money. 


‘Who cares about the copy?’

The truth is that well-written communication is essential to the credibility of any business. First impressions count and the words we use can make or break that impression. Grammar errors or poor sentence construction can obscure your message and create doubt about your services or ideas. There’s no point in having a beautiful brochure if it’s filled with spelling mistakes or lacks flow and focus. Ask yourself – what message am I sending my clients? Is it the message I want to send?

Don’t let your hard work and great ideas be diminished by poor copy or low quality materials. Let us prepare, pen, and proof your written communications to ensure a flawless and effective final product!

See some examples of Waleska’s work here: